LCA Minutes: April 10, 2012

In attendance: Deb Jacobs, Alice Badecker, Stephy Cho, George Kohout, Sue Carbin, Justin O’Connor, Earl Meunier, David Rondina (notes)


1)    Minutes from 3/14/12: Accepted

2)    Treasurer’s Report (Sue C) spreadsheet handout

  • Current Balance                         $2988.57
  • 109 “members”
  • National Grid may have one more bill for us re: holiday lights at Mulberry St park.
  • Included hand out from Pizza Party finances: $469.34 in revenue, $50 in dues, $284.34 for pizzas, $180 for the Club house rental and sodas.   $5.00 profit.


3)    Earth Day Celebration    (April 21    9:00 – 12:00)

  • LCA will supply bags and a DPW dumpster in the grammar school lot
  • George will flyer the village and send a press release to the Gazette
  • Crews will target our two small parks (Flood Memorial on Main St and the Mulberry St park)

And also the messier streets of the Village. Willard’s crew will tackle Sylvester Rd.


4)    3rd Annual Bike for the Bridge bike ride (Sun May 20)

  • Poster is in production and Heidi has it for the Newsletter.  Stephy is asking BJ’s in Chicopee for donations.  We have already received inquiries about the event.
  • It is advertised on the Mass Bike poster for the 23rd
  • Priority for next meeting will be marketing the event.   Need to contact past volunteers.
  • Sue to call Chartpak for use of lot and also contact Gene T to call Rec. Dept. for baths

5)    Revised Website-   (Justin O’C)

  • There is a revised membership registration form, new officers have been corrected, more content has been added, updated events have been entered, Justin has the green light to initiate the “comment blogger” aspect.  Justin will filter for content.
  • George will research pay pal options for memberships
  • Thank you to Justin for all his work. His business, “On Design” will be put on the website.


6)    Spring Fling/Pizza Party-  (Sat Mar 24)

  • Approx 75 attended. Location (beaver Brook C.C. was a positive change.  Decorations were perfect.  Perhaps we try earlier in late winter/ early March next year?
  • Ordered 35 pizzas, 10 too many. Is pizza the only option? Other ideas? More appetizers?
  • Put Pizza Factory in Newsletter as a thank you.
  • Shawn Gunderson was great as a DJ – Thank him in the newsletter as well

7)    May Newsletter Content

  • Thank yous to Pizza Factory, Shawn, Golf Course
  • Garden Club activities, Memorial Day celebration, Bike Ride, High Tea June 10, Tag sale June 2nd, Block Party Sept 9th


8)    Old Business

  • CPA mtg on Keystone Arch:  Many spoke in favor of the project (in support of funding).  Also, it was linked to Broadbrook and Greenway.
  • Gateway Project:  Meeting at Salmon Studios on 4/11/12 Arts and Ind. Building 7:00pm  to view metal signs.
  • Spur to Hotel Bridge project from Rail Trail:  There was a meeting on 4/2 with Wayne Feiden and Sara Levally.   Need to do more in-depth analysis of cost, soil tests, etc.   Smith College to make “Large” presentation about this project at the school on 4/21/12 from 8:30-12:30pm.
  • Reminder: Still need to revisit the By-Laws.
  • Leeds Village Appts.: Peg informed us that she was finished with her time commitment with the management, tenants, etc.  Management seems to be “stepping up”.  Renters are not fully involved or invested in the cause.  Seems to be hitting a wall.  LCA is no longer producing the Village Appts Newsletters.  The “Open Gym” idea at Leeds School fell through due to not enough supporting numbers.


9)    Other

  • Laura Sandhusen inquired the LCA if there are specific funds to support Mullberry Park.  NO, we have no such allocated funds, but ask her to simply give us a proposal and a price and in reason it would be supported as are other similar scale requests.
  • Red Greene confirmed that it is .15 cents per copy to stuff PO boxes.  Does this also mean 01053 mail boxes??




Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm


Next Meeting                   Tuesday May 8th         7:00 p.m.         Leeds Grammar School

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