Robert’s Hill Gets Some Trail Love

David Litterer, friend to the LCA and trail enthusiast from UMass has done a remarkable job defining the major and minor trails on Robert’s Hill over the past four years. He worked his magic again on a warm Saturday in November. Finally, the Robert’s Hill trail network is complete! You can download the newly updated Robert’s Hill trail map at

IMPROVED RED TRAIL AND NEW PINK CIRCLE TRAIL – The Red Triangle trail that extends east of the Blue trail was not well defined and a bit confusing as it rounded down to the Fire Road. Now with the easment path properly relocated the path is much easier to follow. Without having to do too much work, thanks to neighbors who helped with the clearing, David blazed a beautiful new trail loop off of the Red trail. This new trail is blazed with PINK CIRCLES.

NEW YELLOW CONNECTOR TRAILS TO NEW PINK CIRCLE TRAIL – Two new yellow paths makes for easy access from the long yellow path to the new pink loop. After working on the trails and painting the new blazes David did a bit more exploring and ran into two groups who had just discovered the new blazes and walked the trails, literally while the paint was still drying! He said they were absolutely delighted. David thinks these trails will be very popular – they’re very nice walks.

NEW ICE POND YELLOW CONNECTOR TRAIL – David painted small yellow marks along the small loop west of the Ice Pond. That path was very hard to follow otherwise, and in fact, a hiker he met on that trail said he had spoken to a couple cyclists who had gone there and struggled to find their way through. It’s very easy to follow now, and hopefully this loop will get more traffic.

Download the map

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