LCA Meeting Minutes February 26, 2019

February 26, 2019



Heidi Stevens

Penny Geis

David Rondina

Jason Johnson

Marc Freedman

Karyn Nelson


Treasurer’s Report:

Nov and Dec presented

At next March meeting, she’ll have Jan, Feb and 2018 summary

Report is accepted


New president search:

Announcement during pizza party and in next newsletter

Email looking for board members and board officers

LCA email group not Yankee Hill

Post on website

Heidi to reach out to Sue to ask about her resignation and search for new president

Heidi asked for a copy of bylaws


Pizza Party

Set – up at 1pm

Heidi will check inventory for paper goods

Marc – check for shopping list from last year

Cheese, pepperoni, vegetarian, hawaiian

Pizza from A1

Ask John Sinton & John Clapp to donate a book to LCA

Penny will shop for supplies


Newsletter for March/April

The president search

Jim Mias to write about Heidi’s tree/Wind storm

Litter pick up

Pizza party recap


Side track – shed for LCA supplies

Location options

Kelvinator on Water st. or David’s garage


Meeting adjourned 8:07

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