Leeds Rallies for ‘Hotel Bridge’ Republican article

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Robert’s Hill Gets Some Trail Love

David Litterer, friend to the LCA and trail enthusiast from UMass has done a remarkable job defining the major and minor trails on Robert’s Hill over the past four years. He worked his magic again on a warm Saturday in November. Finally, the Robert’s Hill trail network is complete! You can download the newly updated […]

Wildlife blind takes form in Leeds

by Matt Verson The Beaver Brook Greenway located in Leeds along Rt. 9 across from National Grid, has been undergoing some transformations this past season. First, the erection of an informational kiosk next to Northampton’s Corrosion Control Facility, and secondly, a timber framed wildlife blind. As of this writing, the blind is under construction. Both […]

Leeds Historical Signage is up!

Finally, after nearly two years, the Leeds Historical Interpretive Signage project is complete! You may have noticed the sleek black posts with signs postioned around the village at key locations of historical signifance to Leeds. These signs were designed to inform and inspire an appreciation for our village’s vibrant manufacturing past, and an understanding of […]