Current Leeds News

More Green Space for Leeds

The City closed on the purchase of a 20-acre property on Reservoir Road — called the Talon Trust property. With this purchase, the City is able to preserve the rural feeling of Reservoir Road, keep the ecological and trail connection between the Saw Mill Hills/Robert’s Hill Conservation area, Reservoir Road, and the reservoir itself. The trails on […]

Historical Mini Signs on Rail Trail in Leeds 

In late Autumn when the leaves have fallen from the trees Hotel Bridge can be seen clearly from a certain spot on the bike path. Mounted on the railing at that spot is an 8 x 10 inch historical sign depicting the Hotel Bridge in the late 1800s. Another photo sign showing the 1904 electric […]

Seth Mias Catering Comes to Leeds

The talented chef and entrepreneur, Seth Mias, will be moving his successful catering business to the Look Restaurant building on Route 9. Seth purchased the building in April and will be making major renovations throughout the summer to get the space in order for some serious cooking! He is hoping to have the business moved […]