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7:15 am Saratoga Racetrack and Casino Trip
Saratoga Racetrack and Casino Trip
Aug 5 @ 7:15 am – 8:30 pm
This annual summer trip will be on Friday, August 5th. The cost is $40. The price includes: King Ward air-conditioned bus ride, general admission to racetrack, bus drivers’ tip and a few extra raffles with money[...]

Leeds Rallies for ‘Hotel Bridge’ Republican article

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Current Leeds News

Seth Mias Catering Comes to Leeds

The talented chef and entrepreneur, Seth Mias, will be moving his successful catering business to the Look Restaurant building on Route 9. Seth purchased the building in April and will be making major renovations throughout the summer to get the space in order for some serious cooking! He is hoping to have the business moved […]

Big volunteer turn out for Leeds litter pick up

Time to take notice of what isn’t on Leeds road-sides. The soda and nip bottles, beer cans, plastic waste, styrofoam cups and to-go containers, pieces of house siding, old tires, debris and other trash that marred the beauty of the village are gone. Every Spring an effort is made by Leeds volunteers to clear the […]

Group brings Leeds’ concerns to Mayor Narkewicz

by Heidi Stevens LCA board members Earl Meuniur, myself, Leeds-Mill River Greenway Chair Jason Johnson and Ward 7 City Councilor Alisa Klein met with Mayor Narkewicz on October 13th. Northampton Fire Chief Duane Nichols, Wayne Feiden of the Planning Department, and Ned Huntley of the DPW were also at the meeting. Below are the issues […]