Leeds Bluebirds

A bevy of bluebirds at Sue Carbin’s window feeder dining on mealworms al fresco!

Leeds Rallies for ‘Hotel Bridge’ Republican article

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Phenomenon in Leeds

By “The Neighbor” So many things have happened in the natural world of Leeds that one can get breathless – bird and animal sightings to the transformation of the Mill River from 7 inches of skateable ice to ice-free in less than 12 hours (Sunday 1/19). But maybe the most interesting occurrence happened back on […]

Mill River Ice Jams

[JAN 20, 2015] I don’t know if anyone has been walking around the river, with the conditions so treacherous over the last two days. Sunday night I went out into my back yard on Main Street and found the entire river flowing across the rear portion of my property. This is the third time this […]